You’re here, so I’m assuming you’re getting ready to book your photographer! This is one of the most fun parts of wedding planning, in my completely un-biased opinion. But what should you be looking for? How do you even pick a photographer, when you’ve never had your photos professionally taken before?

It applies to Woven Legacies, of course, but also any other photographers you might be interested in! The important part, always, is making sure you're looking out for what you need in a photographer, rather than falling in love with one pretty picture and forgetting about the rest. 

how to pick your wedding photographer

This page is a quick little guide

                      Do you like the way their images are colored? Are they bright? Are they cool toned or warm?
My photos tend to be naturally lit and on the warmer side. I like images that look cozy and timeless, and I love a bit of grain! 

                  What’s the mood in their photos? More importantly, does the mood connect with what your love feels like? We’ve all seen those crazy beautiful, model-esque couples smizing at the camera, and I’ve definitely shot a few (crazy gorg) couples like that, but is that you? Take note of what your love FEELS like and make sure the photos represent that feeling -- there’s no right answer here, but some photographers are definitely more steamy, moody, or formal than others. 

For me, my sweet spot is working with couples who are as goofy as I am! I love a couple who just loves to make each other laugh. That doesn’t mean we won’t capture sweet, soft, intimate moments too, but whatever gets captured on your wedding day should feel true to YOU, not just what looks good on pinterest.

First, do you LOVE their work?
More importantly, do you see yourself in it? 


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the vibe

Your photographer is going to attend one of the most important, memorable days of your life!

They will be your go-to gal (or guy), for many of the random things that come up on your wedding day, as well as the person gathering your family, working with your bridal party, and hangin’ on your dance floor! And, guys, this is SO IMPORTANT. Best case scenario, you’ll leave your wedding with a friend for life.

So make sure the person you hire to be your wedding photographer feels like someone who you’d actually be friends with! You can find this on their website, and also just in the words they use on their webpages, instagram, and emails. 


Second, do you love THEM?

Weddings are pretty dang expensive, and they add up quick. A few months into planning a wedding could make anyone think about heading to Vegas or the courthouse!

And I can promise you I’m not just saying this because I’m a photographer, but investing in a good photographer is one decision I can promise you that you will not regret. That doesn’t mean you have to spend $10,000+ on a photographer, but it also means that you should make an intentional decision about WHY you’re picking a photographer, not just by looking at their price sheet. 

Be honest with yourself and your photographer about your budget, especially if you have questions! It's completely fair to ask for more details about pricing, and can make you feel more comfortable right from the start.


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Because I’m here to make you laugh on the most exciting and stressful day of your life. And I promise I’ll cry, dance, and smile a big cheesy smile at your wedding, because I’ve never met a couple who I haven’t completely fallen in love with.

I’m here to invest in your love story, get to know you as people, and spend every minute up until your wedding counting down with you. I’m here to make sure you get dinner at your wedding, and that you’re taking care of yourself during this crazy time (whether that’s with yoga or cute dog vids)!

I’ve done this before and I want nothing more than to help you plan an event that will capture the amazing thing that you have somehow found, together. I cry at every wedding I’ve ever been to, because weddings are the one day where you get to stand up in front of everyone you love and say “this is my best friend, for the rest of my life” and everyone -- even your grumpy uncle and your crazy high school friends -- say “HELL YEAH THEY ARE!”.

That said, I know I’m not the photographer for everyone. And if, after reading this or going through my site, I don’t feel like the right fit for you, that’s totally okay! Honestly, I just want your wedding to be everything you want and more, so I’m happy to help you find someone who is! Send me a note or a quick DM on instagram and I’ll send a few other photographers your way. 


I know that choosing a photographer for your wedding is a huge decision, and looking at the price tag of photographers is terrifying, especially when you compare it to the physical investments of your wedding day, like your dress or bouquet. But that’s exactly why it’s so essential to figure out exactly what’s important to you in your wedding photos and find someone who can deliver exactly that -- your dress will go out of style and your bouquet will wilt, but your photos will be your time machine back to the day in which you took the hand of the person you love and said “forever” -- you don’t get that back. My promise to you is to do my very best to capture a time capsule that will look and feel like you do, inside and out. 

they're just lifelong memories

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- Sarah + Lucas

BOOK WITH KYLAH. Don't think, just do it!! We were so scared to get our pictures taken. Like I wanted to lose 10 lbs before I ever got in front of the camera, but we did anyway and WOW. I have never felt more beautiful or more like myself than I did with Kylah and we had just met! The whole session was focused on us, not on the photos or posing or anything like that. And then boom. Gorgeous photos that actually show off the best pieces of me and we look SO HAPPY!!!


- jessica + SHANE

I’ve had photoshoots done before but it seemed robotic making it uncomfortable and almost awkward being in front of the camera! When my husband and I met up with Kylah for our photoshoot, she literally felt like a friend I’d known for a long time. She smashed and crushed every “awkward” feeling I’d had in the past. I had never felt sooo comfortable and beautiful in front of a camera and I have her to thank. I went home with two things that day -- a bunch of incredible photos, as well as a new friend. If I had the chance, I’d totally work with her again!

"I have never felt so comfortable."


I'm an anxious person in general, but I woke up on my wedding day thinking about everything that could go wrong. There were so many small details I was terrified I would overlook! When Kylah got there, she immediately took charge, allowing me to actually focus on getting married. By the end of the night, we had stayed on schedule and I was able to enjoy myself and even eat dinner!! We LOVED our pictures, but the best part of working with Kylah was feeling like my wedding day was actually about me and Ryan, not about putting out fires.